Prophecy – Angelic Deployments Increasing

One of the fascinating phenomena that’s increasing dramatically in the spirit realm is Angelic visitations. They are appearing out of their normal covert and behind the scene roles into discret e but powerful encounters with many people these days. Their assignments have either increased or God is opening the prophetic realm so we are able to see beyond the veil of the natural in to the supernatural arena.
This is good. We need help from the higher source and not just those associated with Alcoholics Anonymous. God is shifting gears in His Kingdom and we are in for change. Change on the fly so to speak. This change brings restoration. We are in need of not fear. However, we do need to put our faith in God and seek after Him for relationship. Whose side do you wish to be on?
I want to identify a few of the upper level Angels being deployed. They are mandated by God to enforce His Kingdom and they assist those that walk with Him here. These as all God’s Holy Angels do, obey the commands of God and His Word. There are Four Archangels which are operating now in the earth and in the spiritual realms. They have standing orders to work against evil strategies of the dark kingdom. Michael is the One set over Mercy and Long-Suffering. He releases these graces over the nations, people groups and individuals. Raphael is the One set total diseases and all of the wounds of men. He brings those gifts of healing, miracles and restoration of health into the natural world. Gabriel may be the One set total the powers. He confronts and enforces God’s will on the nations and regions. He engages in spiritual warfare contrary to the principalities and spirits of wickedness in the next heaven primarily. Phanuel may be the One set over repentance unto hope of those who inherit eternal life. He guides people in to the paths of God’s light. He releases grace for awareness of sin, spiritual hunger and desire to have righteousness.
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Under these powerful Archangels are countless Holy Angels that are assigned to individuals. These ministering Angels actively protect, strengthen, refresh and focus on our prayer requests and the fulfillments to prayer. They orchestrate God’s will and His Kingdom ahead for all of us and through us. They are also those that escort us in to the spiritual realm during trances, visions, dreams and prophetic revelatory experiences. They work best when we acknowledge their presence.
I recently met a guy in Mozambique who lives in a little village in the province of Sofala. His story is pertinent because His experiences with Angels underlines what I’ve shared above. When He was approximately a decade of age an Angel came to him in a dream and took him in the spirit into Heaven. There he saw so many wonderful creations of beauty. Angels and the inhabitants there were filled and covered with radiant glory. Joy permeated the atmosphere. Grass, flowers and trees had a dimension of life that’s not on the planet. These could communicate in nonverbal ways and were constantly adoring the Creator. The escorting Angel showed him many scenes. Then suddenly the Angel said “I have to also demonstrate the kingdom of darkness so you understand your choice on the planet.” Instantly the Angel took him into a dark evil place. There he saw horrifying demons and inhabitants suffering in great torment. The Angel then brought him out of this place and said ” You now know what awaits in eternity. It is possible to serve God and His Son Jesus or you can serve Satan. Who you serve will determine your destiny.” This dear man explained that from that day as yet He has followed after God with faith and love knowing that God visited him with mercy and grace.
A wonderful testimony. It highlights what God does. He is opening up our eyes to see the unseen things of His Kingdom. The Holy Spirit as the Third person of the Trinity is upgrading or streamlining the task of God in the earth. He is resident and living in all Believers and actively demonstrating the Kingdom of God on earth on behalf of Believers and through Believers. Now is the time to drink deeply of His refreshing and life giving Presence. As we seek God He’ll come very close to us and we’ll encounter the reality of His Kingdom’s Servants. The Angels are in the house.