7 Things to Look For to Get the Best Coffee Maker on the Market

Many of us love to drink coffee and its a known fact that coffee can provide a boost of energy and warm your body up on those cold winter days. But many of us are not familiar with the history of coffee and more importantly coffee machines, themselves. Without them, we probably would not see so many people drinking this world wide popular beverage and as well as being able to affordably prepare them at home. Best Coffee Mugs to Keep Coffee Hot

For most coffee lovers, there are only a few things more appealing than waking up to a perfectly brewed pot of coffee. That first cup starts your entire day the right way, doesn’t it? If it’s brewed the way you like, you’ll feel that extra zing in your step from morning till night. However, if that first cup is too hot or not hot enough, too strong or too weak, you quickly find yourself frantically feeling like someone has messed with your very essence.

For that reason, if your brew it yourself, the way you like it, with a coffee maker that has everything you need, your life can only get better. When looking for the best coffee maker, there are a few features and benefits that it should have:

Cup size – Can you fit your favorite oversized mug into the coffee maker?
Timer – Make sure that you don’t over brew, or under brew your coffee.
Space – Does it take over kitchen?
Ease of Use – Are the controls and functions like operating a fighter plane?
Durability – How long will it last?
Ease of Cleaning – Does it have an awkward design that makes parts difficult to reach and clean?
Style – Does it fit in with the rest of your kitchen, or does it destroy your decor
By answering these simple questions, most of the hard work of finding your coffee machine is done. This would have saved you a lot time and effort in finding the very best coffee maker. Lets move onto…
What Types Of Coffee Makers Are Available?

There are many types of coffee makers available, all making different types of coffee. Listed below are just some of the more popular types:

The drip method coffee maker can brew upto 12 cups of coffee. That’s great for parties and entertaining! It makes a full-bodied, rich fragrant coffee, that is very aromatic.
A French Press makes a smaller amount of coffee per cup as compared to the others, but the plus side is that the coffee is very rich and strong.
The percolator can make a coffee in about twenty minutes. You can make between upto 12 cups and the coffee is very rich and full of flavor.
Now that you what to look for and what type of coffee maker you want, all thats left is to have a quick at…
The 5 Best Coffee Makers Available to Buy.

With regards to coffee makers there are thousands to choose from. You could just go for the cheapest model available, but believe me, it will never make you that perfect cup of joe. Why not spend a little more cash for better functionality, better longevity and an irresistible sultry design? I mean you have spent all that money making your kitchens look great, why ruin them with a cheap, tacky looking coffee maker?

  1. The Cuisinart Thermal Coffee Maker: The most alluring feature is the timed grinding and brewing feature. Imagine waking up to the sound, smell and taste of the freshest ground coffee. The model is quite tall and its stainless steel appearance gives it a very contemporary look. This model requires ample space for the Grind & Brew – not only in terms of the overall length, but also the lid is located on top, and has to open for you to pour the water in. It has a thermal carafe, which means it doesn’t burn your coffee and you can have warm coffee up to 2-hours later. It also uses charcoal water filters to clean the impurities out of your water and comes with a 3-year limited warranty. My top pick!
  2. Kitchen Aid Pro Line 12-cup Coffee Makers: So you like entertaining and your guests are always ask for coffee?…Then this is just perfect for your dinner parties. It comes with a portable second warmer which is great on your bedside table so you can read and drink coffee all day long, without having to get up. It is also great if you want to brew two types of coffee at the same time, decaf or regular. It’s made of die-cast metal, has a timer and a two temperature heat setting. For great tasting coffee this gem comes with a Ion exchange water filter and has a 2-year warranty.